ninad/massimo carrano


...Between sounds of music there are gaps
of silence.
The authentic music consists not of sounds, but of
the gaps.
Sounds come and go; these gaps remain.
And music can make you aware of those gaps more beautifully than anything else;
hence I have to say that music comes next
to silence.
But is possible even the musician may not be aware of it,
unless his music is meditation too.
Then, soon, the shift
from sound to silence”


Ninad is my new name. In English the translation from the Sanskrit is resonant: inner soundless sound , which in Italian means “suono interiore senza suono”. I received this name in 1999 when, as the result of my personal, interior journey, I became a member of the Sannyasi sect, a follower of the non-thought of Osho (Bagwan Shree Raineesh) .
For me, as for everybody, the spiritual path towards the self is long and has no end. From experience, as my friend and teacher says, “you never stop being something”, in this way I will never stop being Massimo.
I don’t ask anyone to call me Ninad, but if someone calls me by this name, it encourages me in my journey, a sudden and subtle encouragement to go on.
Thank you.”